Monday, May 15, 2006

here I go, version 2

My landlord has to write a column on American Idol for the inquiring readers of the Ottawa Citizen, so in exchange for lending him my dusty old VCR, he let me watch the last couple of episodes - I'd fallen behind because my work schedule and lack of a PVR don't permit me to watch it regularly. Now that Chris is no longer, I'm not sure it's worth watching anymore, but I'm nonetheless intrigued by what will ultimately determine the winner... since it's clearly not talent.

In Canadian Idol, which I adore in large part for its Canadiana hokeyness, any observer of Canadian elections knows that good old regional block voting can take a contestant pretty damn far (e.g. not even the Aliant strike prevented Jason from St. John's from making it into the top 5), although it's the "grandmother factor" than probably won the day for Kalan Porter.

(forgive my slightly outdated examples. I was decamped to London UK for work so missed the whole 2005 season)

In the US, does the same theory apply? Did Taylor and Chris split the southern vote? Will Taylor's charming drawl be enough to carry him below the Mason Dixon now? Can Elliott's religious background get him the Jewish vote? With Katherine's all-American look be enough to transcend these geo-political divisions?

Inquiring minds want to know.